Newsweek- Nay, Newsweak

I would like to thank the writers and editors of Newsweek. Ever since I realized that watching Disney movies and riding around in a Barbie convertible everywhere wasn’t a feasible option for a life career, I’ve wanted to write and report the news. Now before you jump to conclusions, Newsweek has absolutely nothing to do with this adorable little dream of mine. In fact, I’ve been most inspired by the dedication of small newspapers  and big names like Nellie Bly. The Newsweek sitting on my parent’s coffee table the past 22 years of my life has always been something to take advantage of when the St. Pete Times is having an off day or when my frosty beverage is in need of a parking spot.

Whenever I trot down the drive to my mailbox, I muse to myself “what crap is Newsweek writing this week?” Luckily, I am never disappointed. I don’t even need to flip the cover before I feel a tingling sensation rising from my stomach to my throat. Just when I’m on the verge of losing my breakfast, I flip to the cell phone bill. It’s always close.

I probably wouldn’t gag if the magazine had always been the way it is now. The first issue of Newsweek went out in 1933 and has since grown into an internationally known publication. The magazine was a frontrunner in covering issues such as racial segregation and the Vietnam War. It was respectable. So, what I want to know, is what happened?

Yesterday I grabbed the pile of mail out of our box and was astounded at what I saw. There was a picture of Sarah Palin in running shorts looking, well, sexy staring back at me. The headline read, “How do you solve a problem like Sarah? She’s bad news for the GOP- and for everybody else, too.” In small black print at the bottom of the page was this: “A photo taken for Runner’s World, June 2009.”

What??? I don’t particularly care for Sarah Palin, but what??? Is Newsweek even pretending to be reporting fairly and accurately anymore? My first problem is the headline.  I almost expected to see  diagrams of Palin eating orphaned newborns and puppies on the inside along with sidebars saying things like “Not only has she smoked marijuana, but she inhaled!”

Give me a break. For the love of journalism, MAN UP NEWSWEEK! If you don’t like Sarah Palin, and it’s fine with me if you don’t, then stop giving her press! But putting her on the cover using a picture from Runner’s World to try and discredit her is downright lame. The picture didn’t make me dislike her, it just made me aware that I need to go tanning and probably do a couple crunches.

Idea: why don’t you borrow one of the 11 reporters the AP has trying to find holes in her book? You guys might as well team up on this. Maybe if you put your heads together you can remember what you learned in Ethics 101. If it would help, I still have my book. I’d be happy to UPS it.

So thank you, Newsweek, for helping me realize that, though I would really love to have a job right now, I’d rather freelance and write stories that don’t belong on the cover of In Touch. I suppose this means I’m not among the elite readership that you are now shooting for. But when it comes down to it, if I were given the chance to write a story for you or for Cosmo, I’d stick to Cosmo. At least I wouldn’t be kidding myself about what I was doing. I’d know I was writing trash.


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Dorothy Amman Award

Before I graduated SMU, I received an award for work within the Division of Student Affairs- specifically for my work with the school’s newspaper, The Daily Campus.

To see a picture of me receiving the award, click here.

To learn more about Dorothy Amman and the award, click here.

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Sarasota native leaves the beach

Most Florida girls spend their summer vacations on the beach. Who can blame them? We live in a place that most U.S. citizens vacation to. But for one Sarasota girl, the beach has lost its charm. Actually, the entire continent has.

Instead of asking her parents to send her around Europe after graduating from college, 23 year-old Brittany Gonzalez bought heavy-duty insect repellent and set off for Gitarama, Rwanda.

Rwandan Coat of ArmsRwandan FlagMap of Rwanda

The country is best known for the 1994 Rwandan Genocide where, over the course of 100 days, more than 800,000 Tutsis and Hutus were slaughtered. The apparent cause of the genocide was the assassination of President Juvénal Habyarimana, who had been in office since 1973. To see a more detailed history, click here.

So what is the recent-grad doing there? Brittany is volunteering at the Urukundo Home for Children, a place founded by 77-year old Pennsylvania native, Arlene Brown, better known as Mama Arlene.

Mama Arlene

The Urukundo Home houses orphaned children, some of whom have simply been found abandoned.

Brittany will spend the entire summer in Gitarama, playing with children during the day and sleeping under a mosquito net at night.

Brittany's roomThe view from UrukundoBrittany and Natete


You can keep up with Brittany by checking out her blog here.

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Rowing to greatness

The winning team at the Henley Royal Regatta: Trinity!

In 2005 a group of rowers from the Trinity College crew team set out on a trip to England to compete in one of the most prestigious rowing events in the world: the Henley Royal Regatta.
The crew had spent the year training: competing in regattas around the U.S. and spending hours at a time on what I honestly believe is the most heinous piece of exercise equipment conceived by man: the erg. When the week-long regatta finally came, the Trinity Men’s Eight took home first place in the Temple Challenge Cup.
In 2009, nearly four years after most of the men had graduated and taken up employment in various fields, members of the crew were called back into action. This time they would not be rowing in England, but in China.
Here is a blog of the events; I highly recommend it.

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As school winds down, the job search winds up!

I’ve just had my last day of classes and the “Intern Wrap-Up” at The Dallas Morning News. Oddly enough, today feels just like any other. I’ve spent the day studying, cleaning my room and, my new favorite activity, looking for a job.
I’ve inundated Florida with my résumé, but as of yet no bites. Nevertheless, the hunt continues! Sent a few more résumés out today, so keep your fingers crossed!
I’m working on getting my reel up on the site, so keep a lookout for that. Most of it is with my summer internship at the NBC affiliate in Tampa, WFLA. I have some stand ups from SMU’s Daily Update along with a few shows I anchored.
Now that I know how to use SoundSlides, my new favorite application, I plan on making a few audio slideshows during the summer. As of now I’m thinking wakeboarding, making the perfect Cuban sandwich (which is truly an art) and celebrating the Fourth of July. I’ll be sure to post all of them!

Food of the gods... And Floridians

Food of the gods... And Floridians


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Goodbye, SMU

Southern Methodist University

I’m leaving campus and going back home
But I know I’ll miss this place, no matter how far I roam.

I know I’ll miss the grass, so green and so trim
And all those big fountains, where I’ve always wanted to swim.

I guess I’ll miss the dorms, though my room was quite small,
But how could I forget all those water fights in the hall?

And the food down in Mac’s Place,
And the time we drew all over that one kid’s face.

And I’ll always think of how I went Greek,
Though of all our secrets, I simply cannot speak.

We all would put pins on our chest
To show them off at night, even if we had a test.

How we would buy expensive coolers for boys
And fill them with Dollar Tree toys.

I wish I could relive all those Thursday nights out
Dancing the night away to that amazing song “Shout!”

The night Giddy-Up was actually there,
Which was great, we couldn’t afford cab fare.

I’ll keep the beads I caught in La.
On the weekend that we did nothing but play.

The eight hour trip we took in the car
To get to a city that is honestly way too far.

For all the bad songs that you just can’t hate
And all the late-night Pluckers I ate.

I’ll miss the Daily Update and that little white dog,
And all those early mornings, walking through the fog.

The late nights and early mornings with the news,
When all I really wanted to do was hit snooze.

I’ll even miss those squirrels that own the grass,
The ones that practically give you the finger on the way to class.

I’ll never forget Fondren, fourth floor
Though I’ve already forgotten the classes that were a bore.

But not the annoying kid who talked too much,
Or that the guy next to me almost gave him a punch.

I’ll miss the best friends I see every day,
I wish I could take them with me, back to Tampa Bay.

For all those times that I broke down and cried,
For all those times my friends were by my side.

When I couldn’t stop thinking everything was wrong,
And my roommate would put on our favorite song.

Even those times when my grades were rough,
Even the times when college seemed too tough.

I’ll miss the friend who got me though,
And the professors who showed me what I can do.

So after four years I’ll be tossing my cap
And you can bet I’ll cry like a sap.

So SMU, you know it’s true.
The thing I’ll miss the most is you.


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