Print Samples

The Daily Campus

I served as managing editor of the Daily Campus. During my time there I oversaw more than 20 reporters, photographers, and editors. I edited the copy, held daily budget meetings, and laid out the paper. I helped completely redesign the paper from content to layout.

This story won third place for in-depth reporting from the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association in 2009.
The Daily Campus SAE Fraternity generates questions

Follow-up one year later. By this time Texas Monthly had picked up the story.
The Daily Campus SAE death no longer ‘isolated’

Football scandal hits SMU…
The Daily Campus June Jones kicks nine off team

Follow up football story
The Daily Campus Appeals

The final football story
The Daily Campus June’s lesson

A surprise visitor…
The Daily Campus Bush crashes classes!

One frat says adios to SMU
The Daily Campus Kappa Alpha Order says goodbye to their fraternity house

Holocaust survivor feature
The Daily Campus A lucky escape


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